Pits – Memory Game

How many lights and sounds are you able to memorize? Are you better watching or listening?
Pits is a memory game in which you have to remember the sequence that Pits automatically creates for you. As you hit, the speed increases making the thing more difficult. This fun game tests your visual and auditory memory and makes the most of it!
Pits has 4 modes, each with three different difficulties.

The 4 modes:
– Normal -> A light and sound are added at the end of each sequence, with constantly increasing speed
– Fury -> 1 to 5 lights and sounds are added at random at any speed!
– Beats -> Same as Normal mode, but the buttons change from places!
– Reverse -> Same as normal mode, but you have to remember inverted!

Each difficulty adds 2 buttons:
– Easy -> challenge yourself with 4 buttons
– Intermediate -> test yourself with 6 buttons
– Difficult -> challenge yourself with 8 buttons

Each mode has its leaderboard. Can you be the king of Normal mode? Can you be the king of Fury mode?
Or maybe of Beats? And of Reverse? Or better yet, can you be the best in all 4 modes at the same time?
Compete with players from all over the world and prove it now!

Pits also includes a store where you can customize absolutely everything, and when I say everything, it’s EVERYTHING. Buy different sounds for your buttons, change the pad of your buttons, change the shape of your buttons, the order, the size, you can even change the background of the game! Do you like dark mode? In Pits you can activate the dark mode

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